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Expanding Horizontally a MultiValued Lookup Column

Question asked by davidjohnson5000 on Dec 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2018 by jpmhuls

I previously asked this question but left out some key information in addition to some mis-statements.  Thus, I am trying again in an attempt to obtain an answer.


I have a field called Product Type (see attachment) which is a Multi Valued Lookup Column.  However, the right part of the text is truncated and the user can not see the text on the right.  There are up and down scroll buttons, but there are no left and right scroll buttons. 


I thought the issue could be resolved by expanding the field size, but that does not appear possible.  What is the suggestion so Horizontally more text can be seen.


In addition for this field (Product Type) the user can only see 7 records before having to scroll down.  It would be great if they could see around 15 records if possible.


Note the horizontal issue is my highest priority.  For the vertical issue if I have to live with seven records prior to scrolling then that is fine, but the horizontal issue if not resolved will force me to come with another solution as the users can't select the proper Product Type without being able to scroll to the right to see all text to the right (horizontally).


Thank you for your patience.  I feel I am getting better at asking questions and also learning !