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I have one forms and i need hide one choice for group, i'm use this following condition:   fn-Not(fn-IsMemberOfGroup("name of group"))   But i need use a condition "fn-or" for more group. But always have returns True, even if the user is not in the group. follows the condition used:   fn-Or(fn-Not(fn-IsMemberOfGroup("name of

Hello everyone. I have a very simple question to ask, and I am struggling to make it work.   I have a simple Nintex form. The form contains a text field called "favorite_color", and a save button.   I also have a LIST, with a column called "color" which I would like to update via a workflow.   The idea is to capture the
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After creating this blog post Collection Operation - Get , i thought it would be good to look at the other Collection Operations in some detail too. As stated in the article above, the Collection Operation action allows you to interact with a Collection Variable. This can be useful in many situations.   Add This method allows you to add to