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I am attempting to set the "Title" attribute of a List Lookup control set to display as a "multi select" list of options. It appears that when I assign a javascript variable to the control, that javascript variable isn't representing the control directly, but rather some hidden text box somewhere.  This leaves me with no options to use

We have a parent list workflow (let's call it P1) that starts a child site workflow (C2) using the Nintex Call Web Service action.  The Call Web Service action uses Workflow.asmx, Web method StartSiteWorkflow. We are using the web method to start the workflow in order to pass associationData.  P1 starts C2, as expected. However,
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I`m fresh in nintex workflow, I have a URL that retrieve data as  {"GetEmpAnd3MgrsInfoResult":[{ "FirstName":"َAmir", "FamilyName":"Asad", "FullName":"Amir Asad", "Department": "HR", "RegistryNo":"25" }] } well, I need FirstName,FamilyName,... to update list item. I use web request  and query xml but did not work well. please
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So I made a rooky mistake and thought I would share so that you can all see that I am only human too, and sometimes, no matter what experience you have working with certain technologies, oversights can be made... I had a very old solution (not mine) that used an InfoPath form and a workflow that run on all updates with a Run if action at the very