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I'm trying to update field in a recurring section using update xml but when I tried to update form data column using result xml, my forms errors out and cannot open it.   Any suggestions?   I've attached the workflow for reference.   Thanks.

Hey folks!   (And probably, specifically Marian Hatala, nmarples)   I'm not great with RegEx. I want to use the Replace() functionality to, if a single line of text matches a RegEx pattern, to turn it to a word.    Using an example here, but basically:   SLT:  32.44   RegEx: ^(\d\d\.)\d\d$   Now,
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I've got a "Run If" action that's testing the value of a string variable, that is not running when the variable meets the condition. After pulling my hair out for a while, I created a second identical Run If action, and it runs. The two Run If actions seem to be identical, but one runs and the other doesn't. I must be looking at something