Coming Soon: Big Changes to the Community!

Blog Post created by Employee on Jan 25, 2018

I have some details to share about big changes coming to the Nintex Connect community!


You may have seen my previous announcement about it: New Year, Renewed Community. The quick version of that post is that since the software underpinning our community is facing the end of its useful life, we're moving to a new platform -- very soon. In fact, we plan to launch the new community in the next few weeks.  First, we'll show the plans to attendees at the Nintex xchange conference, Feb. 26-28 in San Diego. You're registered, right?  We'd hoped to launch by then, but in trying to deliver the best experience, we thought it best not to rush things.


Here's a preview of what to expect.


What's happening when?

In order to launch the new community by our target date, we need to shut down this site and fire up the other one.  We'll put up a notification here in the community to let people know when that's happening, but now you know.


Between now and then, expect to see some areas of the community blocked to new content. I'll try not to do that until the last minute, as I don't want to prevent you from getting answers. However, we have to decide at some point that we're moving what's here to the new location, and we need to pick a stopping point so we don't leave stuff behind.


What will our new community be like?


For starters, It's going to be organized a little differently. 


Instead of somewhat vague titles like "Getting Started," with a few product areas thrown in, we're planning to organize the Q&A categories by what you're trying to do.  So, when you log in, you will see areas like "Workflow," "Forms," "Document Generation," "Analytics," etc.  Beneath those categories, you'll find a list of platforms you are likely using. 


So, if you have a question about building a workflow in Nintex Workflow Cloud, you'll go to "workflow" and then Nintex Workflow Cloud.  We haven't built the interface yet, but this picture gives you an idea how we're approaching it:


Some of our members report having a hard time figuring out where to put their questions, and with the new structure, they should be able to find things more easily. Sure, there might be some overlap, but this should cut down on confusion. Plus, at Nintex, we look at our array of capabilities as a platform, not individual products. This is a step in moving the community in that direction, too.


What this means for your existing content:


Q&A: We're bringing our questions and answers over to the new platform.  If you asked it here, you should see it there.


Blogs: I'm still working on where, or even whether, we will permit members to share blog posts. I'll give you an update when I have one.


The Nintex Product Blog content is going to merge with our corporate blog.  So, look for a product channel in the corporate blog in the very near future. Same writers, same content about the value of our platform and its new features and capabilities. Just a new location.


Documents/Downloads:  To streamline processes for our customers, we'll no longer have duplicate links to product downloads, Release Notes, or knowledge base content which are in the Customer Portal.  Support cases will still be opened at the Support site. Areas that don't get much traffic (like the Nintex Gallery) will be archived.


How points and badges will work:


Some of you love earning badges and points and showing up on our leaderboard. Truth is, I love how much you love it, so we will have what's called "gamification" in the new community, too. It will work a little differently there, and I'll post a blog on that later. But the main thing to know is that in our new community, you'll have an opportunity to earn a "rank," not just a bunch of points. You earn rank by providing content of value, not just doing a lot of activity that may or may not be of value.  Here's a look at how rank, badges and the like appear in my profile on the Lithium community for community managers:



The community score is a number that represents influence based on feedback to the content you post.  You rank up when other members value your contributions.  The more value you provide, the higher you'll rank.  And it's not a game with only one winner.  Many people can be "valued contributors," or even "experts."  Just like real life.  This allows newcomers to raise their rank without worrying that they can never "catch up" to people who are seasoned Nintex veterans just because they've earned more points. But there will also be more and more ways to raise your community score, so highly-active users will always have something to strive for. See those badges above? More on those later, but those are earned, and can be put together to earn "trophies."  It's going to be much more involving and interesting than our current leaderboard.


Some things to know as we get closer to launch:


  • I'm going to start closing off areas of our community to new content to simplify the move.  For example, the Dev Talk is closed to new questions so I can move them to a better place in this community before we move the lot to the new platform.


  • Your inbox messages won't be transferred to the new platform. Nor will status updates. If there's something in your inbox you want to keep, copy/paste it somewhere now. I can't access your inbox now, and won't be able to after the move, either.


I want to thank you for taking the time to read this update. There's more to come. Be sure to "follow" me (hover over my name above and click "follow" on the pop-up card) so you can get notifications when I create new content. And follow me on Twitter, where I'll post updates like this.


I'm looking forward to the new community rolling out, and your participation in it!